Rental of real estate for landlords

Advantages of a rental real estate investment fund for landlords

Get significant savings when renting real estate or land


The Rent Mutual Fund is not subjected to taxation and thus assets allocated to the CEMF is free from taxation.


Rentable CEMFs allow you to consolidate and protect assets, and the property cannot be utilized for debts of shareholders or MC

Attraction of financing

To attract financial resources through the issuance of additional shares with the possibility of preserving preferential rights for transferred objects of commercial real estate.

Structuring of business assets

An easy way to consolidate or divide business assets in correspondence with the interests of the ultimate beneficiaries of the business.

Reinvestment opportunities

Revenues can be reinvested without intermediate taxation.


Information about the shareholders of the CEMFs are kept private and confidential

Source of non-core and investment resources

Allows you to transform non-core assets into investment resources for the core business.

How does a real estate rental agency work?

Rental CEMF receives rent from the real estate – this and the growth in market value of the property generates the main income of the shareholders.

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At the investor's directive, the management company creates a CEMF where all the assets are to be allocated
During this process, the real estate owner will allocate the said real estate into the Fund
The Management company of the Mutual Fund will re-contract lease agreements with tenants
The beneficiaries acquire investment shares from the original owner of the real estate under the contract of sale, or in other ways, where necessary
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Income management

The Management Company, together with the Founder, may do the following with the income received:


Periodically pay the shareholders


Invest in modernization and reconstruction of facilities to increase their cost and rental rates


Invest in the purchase and construction of other real estate (both commercial and residential)


Invest on the stock market and/or place on bank deposits

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If you have any questions regarding the structuring of your fund, please contact us.