CEMF real estate for developers. Closed Mutual Fund for Construction

Advantages of the "Building through the UIF" strategy
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0% income tax
The UIF is not subject to taxation.
Reinvestment of tax monies allows the increase in efficiency of the project.
It is impossible to foreclose on the debts of the owners of investment shares or a management company on the property in the fund.
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From 25 million rubles.
It provides the possibility of forming a fund from individual objects of commercial or residential real estate, and on the basis of projects of regional scale

Growth of status

Supervision by the CBR and the special competence of the Criminal Code increase the business status of the project


Attraction of investments

CEMFs allow you to attract and accumulate financial assets and assets of different investors


Risk Reduction

Mutual funds allow to separate risks and incomes of separate construction projects from each other and from risks of participants



Realization can be carried out during any stage of construction and maturity

Realization of construction through CEMF of real estate

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Investing in construction through a closed UIF of real estate

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Construction Financing

When financial investments are required, the CEMF of real estate is a convenient and prospective source of construction financing. Using CEMF allows you to increase the volume of construction and reduce the risks for end customers.

Standard Construction Financing Guarantee

Compliance with the schedule of construction financing from the Fund without fear of an unreasonable sales schedule

Flexibility of construction financing

The volume of the fund can be increased with additional issue of shares

Protection of construction objects from being seized

The Fund's assets cannot be seized or utilized for debts of the shareholders or the management company

No monthly interest payments

Interest free when using bank loans


Total transparency to third party investors

Deferred tax

Due to deferred income tax

Ease of creation

Simplicity of creation of CEMF and accounting system

Loan repayment support

The possibility of using shares as pledge

Management of construction projects

Increase the efficiency of management and allocation of funds to finance construction. The investor initiates the creation of the CEMF and becomes the main (majority) shareholder. The volume of the fund is formed depending on the size of the required investment. CEMF concludes an investment agreement or an equity partnership and finances construction


The Investment Committee will monitor all transactions with regard to the property of the Fund

Preservation of control

Avoiding the construction of a holding structure while maintaining control and management


Increase profits

Increase in profits from reinvestments of deferred income tax payments

Profit distribution control

Allows you to adjust the frequency and volume of profit from sales

Investment income

A part of the fund's profit may be paid to the shareholders in the form of income on a share (intermediate income) until the end of the project

Well-established control system

Control by a specialized depositary for the disposal of the assets of the fund

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