Credit Recruitment Fund

The objectives of creating a credit mutual fund

Implementation of loan facilities as the most profitable and sustainable direction.

Non-bank loans

Intercompany lending

Debt restructuring

Improving the financial performance of the organization

Features of Credit Fund Taxation
0% income tax

The Fund is not a legal entity and is not subject to taxation. Shareholders pay tax only on the sale (redemption) of units and upon receipt of interim payments.

Advantages of the credit strategy of CEMF

No rigid constraints There is no supervision in the form of standards and mandatory reserves

Minimization of losses for defaulted loans

No restrictions on the volume of loans.
Allows for a more flexible credit policy.

Effective management structure and structuring of assets

Special taxation regime, absence of taxation of interest and other incomes formed in the CEMF

Protection of assets.

How does a credit CEMF work?
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Organization of a business process for issuing loans
If you are a:

Loan broker or investor,
You have a large capital and are willing to lend,
Start a business for the issuance of loans

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You are getting:

The ability to provide loans

The ability to purchase claim rights for loans from banks and receive interest on these contracts without being taxed

The ability to raise funds from strategic investors

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If you have any questions regarding the structuring of your fund, please contact us.