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We have been providing services for the creation and management of mutual funds since 1999

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You are in safe hands

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icon Calculate the cost of Mutual Funds

You are in safe hands

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Advantages of Mutual Funds



As the fund is not a legal entity, it is not subject to taxation


Attract investments

It allows you to raise funds by issuing additional shares



Information about unit owners are kept confidential


Asset Protection

Effective tool for asset protection from any risk

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Mutual fund creation

Central Asset Management Company is the simplest and most transparent way for mutual fund creation

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We undertake all the preparatory work. All information about the application status is available on the real-time website, and from your manager


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We will provide the entire infrastructure for the formulation and effective functioning of the mutual fund

Mutual Fund as a solution

Funds under management

Our management company provides services for the creation and administration of mutual funds since 1999. We have unique funds in our portfolio. We structure your funds in the format of an open or closed unit investment fund.

The commodity market fund (in assets - precious metals)

Real Estate Fund

All funds

About us

JSC "Central Asset Management Company" has been operating in the Russian financial services market since 1997. We have earned the reputation of being a reliable and professional market participant. The creation and trust management of closed-ended unit investment funds are a priority of the company's business. We implement investment decisions of our clients, including qualified investors, using the format of a closed-ended unit investment fund (CEMF) in most segments of the economy, including real estate, mining or commodity trading, energy, industrial and defense production, agriculture, and purposes of structuring corporate and personal finance. In addition to the company's competencies related to the implementation of trust management, services have been developed for integrated support of the CEMF creation such as market research, project concept development, preparation of rules for trust management of mutual funds.

Chuguevskaya Irina Sergeevna

General Director

Since 1997 on the financial services market

Protecting your interests for 22 years and more.

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